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Jul 21, 2012 4:30pm EDT
procedures mr. holmes may have done because we don't want to jeopardize the prosecution. i'm going to turn it over to chief oates at this point and ail remain for some questions afterwards. chief oates? >> okay. thank you, jim. we've got some other material to cover. i have new information for you with regard to the investigation. when you become aware that our suspect over the last four months had a high volume of deliveries, commercial deliveries of packages to both his work and home address, we think this begins to explain how he got his hands on all the -- the magazines and the ammunition yesterday that we talked about yesterday. we also think it begins to explain some of the materials that he had in his apartment. you know, one of the things we are processing as you might expect as law enforcement are potential defenses. what we're seeing here is evidence of i think some calculation and deliberation. so we thought we'd share that with you. we are running down all those leads. this is an example where the partnership with the fbi is so great. you know, if we find out that our suspect o
Jul 29, 2012 7:30am EDT
signs are things like we're hearing about in the case of mr. holmes. sudden change in functioning, withdrawal, becoming isolated. sometimes that can be confused for depression. the easiest wave to find out is to engage the person, talk to them, ask about the change in their behavior, spending a lot of time alone. how you're feeling. are you feeling sad or blue? >> it's interesting because i think that that particular issue had a lot of people wondering this week. many people with mental illness may not recognize that they themselves have it and refuse offers of help. i mean, how do you -- how hard should an average person push? say it's a family member, for example. what is someone to do? >> i'll speak first personally. as a family member, i had a brother, high brother henry, had schizophrenia. his illness emerged very, very slowly. i was 21, he was 28. he had actually been ill since the age the 24. and i thought his problem was he was lazy, he was -- giving up on life, he was immature. in fact, he was exhibiting what are called the common negative symptoms of schizophrenia. for e
Jul 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
suspected shooter, james holmes, was until this june a graduate student at the university of colorado in a highly demanding neuroscience program. people have been talking about, asking me -- do you know had was happening inside his brain, in his mind? and also, if a colleague or a family member were ever going to possibly pose a danger, would you know it? what would you do about it? clinical psychologist half area amadour is author of "i am not sick, i don't need help: how to help someone with mental illness accept treatment." thanks for joining us. i appreciate your time. >> glad to be here. >> i do want to talk about, you know, what some of the warning signs might be in, you know, family members or colleagues. but first, there's a lot of mystery surrounding james holmes still. james holmes. the university of colorado said very little -- all we know is that he left his neuroscience program in june. he did badly on an oral exam apparently, but was not forced out of school. the school told the students and faculty not to talk with reporter which is understandable. a lot of peo
Jul 22, 2012 7:30am EDT
shooter james holmes and tomorrow he will make a court appearance and likely the first of many. you will hear his name over and over and usually, it is the suspected killer that gets most of the attention. eric harris and derrick klebold from columbincolumbine, and and vick from norway and in fact, today is one year anniversary of that killing. but the names we should be hearing are the names of the victims. we want to start this morning by remembering those who lost their lives friday morning as told by those people they left behind. >> it is not surprising to me that his first thought would be her. i mean, that is what a man does, he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we are going to miss him.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)